Department of Physics

This is the area where the laity and the most economically backward students live. The college was started here to illuminate the lives of those students. The most backward students are those who have acquired quality scientific knowledge, in order to fulfill the educational dream get up in life The Department of Physics, an essential field of science in this college, was started here in 2015 with permission to cover 40 seats.  Since then the physics laboratory has been continuously improved for the quality education of students. Since 2015, it has been continuously purchasing new physics related equipment’s and operating with excellence.  The Department of Physics is doing well with a total of 2 faculties.  
2015 – 2018 – 36 Students
2016 – 2019 – 34 Students
2017 – 2020 – 37 Students


Faculty Name Designation
Guest Lecturer (Consolidated)
M.Sc .,M.Phil.,
Guest Lecturer (PTA)

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